The only things are, first, when I jump, the hooves aren’t close enough to hit the pole.

. These horses are often seen at Olympic competitions, dressage and show jumping events.


This is one of the longest unbroken records in history.

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The top five horse breeds that excel in jumping are Dutch Warmbloods, Belgian Warmbloods, Holsteiners, Westphalians, and Selle Francais.


Quick details: Height: Between 14. Selle Francais.

. A popular and easy-to-handle breed.

While Thoroughbreds are the kings of horse racing, they also excel in.
(2015) also showed that the best show-jumping horses belonged to warmblood breeds from Germany (34.
Each rail or refusal is worth 4 faults.

The breed has been extensively used to increase speed and stamina in many horse breeds, including the Quarter Horse, Morgan, and Standardbred.


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KWPN has been carefully refining the breed for jumping over decades.




Snowman is considered as the best show jumping horse in the world.