This non-firing replica Coach Gun has an authentic time-worn appearance and realistic action that mimics the double barreled, percussion cap action of the original 1881 design.

A great piece to retrofit into an authentic steampunk gun.

. Color: Black / Gold.

We have recreated every detail and function possible Features: Scale: 1:1 Independent spring-loaded trigger's, hammer's and break-over barrel Includes: All parts and hardware to.

Full Adult Sized Fake Prop Weapon! Other information: Items vaguely resembling this were.

AW -HX2102 Double Barrel Pistol Replica. £ 69. Details.

Trigger Pull: The trigger on the Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 Double Barrel PCP Arrow Rifle is single action only requiring you to engage the side cocking latch system before you can shoot it.

Double barrel shotguns typically refer to break-action shotguns with parallel barrels allowing two shots to be fired in quick succession or simultaneously. . .

& Y. SH906.

30-30 Win and other like caliber rifles / pistols are expertly crafted to reflect traditional gunsmithing and function.

" This gun is great for historical reenactments and Western action scenes where period authenticity.

Very nice details with working percussion cap type hammer, double trigger, twin barrels, opening lever, and "break” opening action. Feb 8, 2018 · What's hot when it comes to rimfire.

Enjoy the thrill of shooting a gun from the Old West and experience how history repeats itself. .

62 caliber 30" barrels Description: Double Barrel Flintlock Smoothbore.
Seller: Guns Dot Com.

" You'll be carrying the high cards in any Cowboy Action shoot with this side by side scattergun.

This has an engraved receiver and the top of barrel engraved ‘Ethan Allen by Hoppe’s’. A great piece to retrofit into an authentic steampunk gun. fc-falcon">1892 Lever-Action Cowboy Rifle Replica.

Uberti set the standard for producing quality replica firearms by which all others are judged. . Double Barrel Revolving Ivory Eagle Flintlock Pistol SKU: FD1305 $ 76. $25. Working triggers and hammers. .

25" double barrels, matte blue steel with polished blue steel single-trigger, hammers and trigger guard.

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Pedersoli also manufactures classic 12 gauge side by side shotgun models.

class=" fc-falcon">This model has a black barrel and brass trim with ornamental engraving.

We have a collection of Replica Guns that includes non-firing and muzzle-loading replicas of historical rifles and pistols.